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15 Ways To Improve Night Vision

Looking for ways to improve night vision had been an important part of my life.

At night, our eyesight drop tremendously.

In fact, I often felt like a blind mouse at night.

'Bobo' Shooter

During my army days, I was known as a ‘bobo’ shooter.

When it comes to night shooting, I always score an amazing zero hit.

Today I am not longer one. Though I am not a sharpshooter yet, I can at least get 60% hits.

Here are some ways which i had learnt over the years to improve night vision. Hope that they can help you too.

Use Your Peripheral Vision

Our retina contains two types of photoreceptor cells- rod and cone.

While the cones are more sensitive to color, the rods are better at motion detection and works better in low light.

Rods And Cones

Rods are almost entirely responsible for our night vision.

As the rods are concentrated around our retina, to use them effectively, try not to look directly at something you want to see.

Instead, slightly avert your eyes and glance by sideways This way, you will be using more rods.

Put On Sunglasses

Your ability to adjust to darkness can be reduced by 10 minutes with 2 hours of bright light exposure. Just 10 consecutive days of unfiltered sunlight exposure can cause you 50% loss in night vision.

However, too little light isn't good for your eyes either. For optimal result, wear sunglasses that reduce light in the entire visible spectrum and transmit at most 15% of visible light.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

Train your night vision. Purposely put yourself in dark rooms and get your eyes to adapt to dark environments.

Overtime, you will find that your dark vision has improved.

Stop Smoking

There are studies that shown that smokers are 2 times more prone to night accidents than non-smokers.

Nicotine and the hypoxic effect from carbon monoxide reduces your night vision. Just by avoiding both first and second hand smoking can help improve night vision.

Identify Shapes

At night, we primarily use our rod cells than the cones.

Rod cells are better at detecting shapes than colors. 

To effectively use them, try searching for shapes, contours and movement rather than colors since we humans are almost completely colorblind in the dark anyway.

Keep Scanning Around

Try not to stare at one object as it will cause your eyes to adapt to whatever light source that is available at the point of your focus.

Dance your eyes around and you would be able to see better in dark.

Avoid Bright Light

Notice how deer stayed stiff frozen when your headlight blast onto them at night?

Even though bright light may not cause complete blindness, it does hinder your night vision considerably.

Turn your gaze to the side and avoid the light directly.


Sometimes looking at the bright side of life just don’t work well enough.

Ample Adjustment Time

Give yourself ample time for your eyes to adjust to the dark. Keep your eyes closed first when you are entering a dark environment from a well lit one.

It takes about 25 minutes for our eyes to be able to fully adapt in the dark. Avoid any source of bright light as they can hinder your process of adaptation.

Clean The Surface

A quick and often neglected way to improve night vision immediately. Any dirt and debris on your lenses can scatter light, making it difficult to see at night.

Many times, all you need to do is to clean your glasses. Clean your windshield if you are driving.

Be A Pirate

Ahoy Mate!

Ever wonder why pirates like to wear eye patch?

It wasn't always due to blindness.

We Want You!

Other than it looks cool, some pirates wear one so that the eye that was covered would become sensitive to light, and would only be used for navigating at night.

Keep one hand on one eye and try looking from the other eye when moving from light to dark or dark to light.

Eat Some Bilberry Jam

Pilots from British Royal Air Force during World War II were taught to spread bilberry jam on their toast to improve night vision.

It may sounds like a myth but bilberry is rich in anthocyanosides, a form of flavonoid which helps to regenerate the purple pigments in the eye that are used to see in the dark. 

Interestingly, the carrots myth was created during World War II to hide this fact from the Japanese

Try taking two teaspoons of bilberry juice daily but don’t take more than 3 as overdose can have laxative effect.

Lay Low

A skill which you have to learn to become a ninja.

In Ninjutsu, students are told get lower than what they are trying to see in order to see it better in the dark.


This may work as the object is back-lit by any light source such as moon, stars and street lamps.

Grab A Sweet

Imitate the Soviet Special Forces secret method. During World War II, the special unit were taught to eat a sugar cube to improve night vision.

This is because night vision is dependent on blood sugar levels. Moderate please... I don't want your dentist to be knocking on my door.

Take Eye Vitamins

Many times night blindness is caused by deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A and zinc.

With today’s heretic and nutrient lacking dietary habits, taking eye vitamins can make up for deficiencies in the diet and allow our eye to function at its best.

Grab a free bottle now!

Grab a free bottle of Ocu Plus eye vitamins and see the difference yourself.

Doing Eye Exercises

A daily routine of eye exercises can dramatically improve both your night and day vision.

Try Rebuild Your Vision program. This program in particular has a 94% customer success rate and is designed to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia and astigmatism

Best of all, it has 1 year full refund guarantee. Anytime that you feel that it doesn't work for you, send the package back and get your money back.

My Review on Rebuild Your Vision

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