Ruined my life!

by Stephanie
(Cincinn, OH, US)

I had LASIK done 2 weeks ago and I called the surgeon the day after and told him there's something wrong with my eyes he told me there's nothing wrong with my eyes I just had too much anxiety. I went to my optometrist and he said that my right eye is worse than it was before LASIK. Before lasik i was + 250 20/20 in my left eye and + 475 20/20 with glasses in my right eye with no astigmatism. 2 weeks post op I am -0.25 in my left eye and -0.50 in my right eye with astigmatisms in both eyes 20/25 in left eye and 20/70 in right eye that cannot be corrected even with glasses. I called the surgeon he was very snippy with me and told me that I'm just overreacting but I need to let my eyes heal. I expressed to him that my vision is very blurry and making me dizzy and nauseous and I can barely even see peoples faces across the room. He again was very rude with me and not sympathetic. I scheduled one week post op appointment in my vision in my right eye was -1 and I was seeing 20/60. They gave me a prescription for glasses I kept telling them while they were trying to get the prescription that I couldn't see the letters and they got very frustrated with me and just kept telling me to guess. Needless to say after I got the prescription in my glasses didn't work. I had panic attacks throughout the week ended up in the hospital for my panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. I have very bad glare in dim lighting. I have a hard time getting my eyes to focus together. I am now 2 weeks post op and my vision is 20/70 it seems to be getting progressively worse. I am a nurse and my vision is extremely important for my career I am a mother of 3 and I also am in school for my bachelors. This has totally ruined my life at this point the doctors are saying that my vision is not correctable with glasses. I hope that if anyone gets to read this post they will NOT get LASIK done. I too like many heard several stories of people being very happy about LASIK and their vision was great but like myself you never know what's going to happen. I have a hard time even taking care of my children and at this point I haven't cooked in two weeks because I'm afraid I will hurt myself. I am very depressed and am thinking that I will have to change my profession after I have worked so hard and struggled all these years because of Lasik. Please please do not get LASIK I would go back and wear my glasses any day if I could!

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