How To Improve Your Eyesight: Different Methods Discussed

Welcome to Improve Eyesight Headquarter, this website shares on how we can improve our eyesight naturally and the possible ways in which we can achieve 20/20 vision.

In our modern world, it is difficult to decide what is the best way to improve vision. 

In the market, there are tons of advertisement that claim to improve your eyesight immediately through corrective lens or laser treatment. 

But over time, stronger glasses are needed and those whom had gone through LASIK realized that a few years later, they need corrective lens again. 

People from the optical industry try to sell you all kinds of corrective lens and laser surgeries, hoping that you will believe those are the only ways to correct your poor eyesight.

It makes senses since the optical industry makes billion of dollars and laser treatment is highly lucrative for eye doctors. What they don't tell you is what causes the poor eyesight to happen in the first place and how to prevent them from becoming worse.

They aren't telling you either, that the conventional methods are actually doing more harm to your eyes than good.

Corrective Lens Actually Makes Your Eyesight Worse

Your probably know this truth yourself.

Like me before, you may face a common dilemma of attempting to wear glasses to improve vision and only to find our natural eyesight worsen over the years or worse, months.

In recent series of scientific studies, Dr. Earl Smith of the University of Houston College of Optometry fitted various types of corrective lenses on monkeys with healthy normal eyesight. 

Within 7 weeks, the monkeys adapted to the type of corrective lenses they were fitted with! Those that wore glasses for nearsightedness become nearsighted and those that wore glasses for farsightedness become farsighted. Even the ones that worn glasses for astigmatism faced the same problem.

Knowing that monkey's visual system is so similar to human's, it makes us wonder how our very own vision deteriorate due to adaptation to the corrective lenses we fitted with. 

  • “I have yet to hear of a research paper confirming the beneficial effect of prescribing compensatory lenses.....patients who receive compensatory lenses for full time wear are usually the ones who need a stronger prescription every year.” 

~ J. Liberman OD, Ph.D., Journal of the American Optometry Association, 1976

  • “Spectacle lenses can create their own problems. There are frequently ignored patterns of addiction to minus lenses. The typical prescription tends to overpower and fatigue the visual system and what is often a transient condition can become a lifelong situation, which is likely to deteriorate with time.” 

~ Gallop S., Journal of Behavioral Optometry, 5(5): 115-120, 1994.

I am not saying that corrective lenses are bad (Though I think contact lens is dangerous). Their invention had helped many people to lead more productive life and help children prevent lazy eyes and strabismus. In fact, using weaker or opposite prescription (farsighted for nearsighted) glasses can help in vision improvement.

I like to see corrective lenses as crutches. They are useful in improving our functionality but over-reliance makes us weak. Its time that we start to re-evaluate this quick fixing solution that weaken our eyes when over relied upon. 

What about the other popular quick fix eye improvement method known as LASIK? Hell NO!.

I guess LASIK may have cross your mind when you ponder about how to improve your eyesight. I am sure that you had seen from the TV on how painless and quick the procedure is and how it guarantee you good eyesight for life at wrong cost.

Let's us not be hazy and see some scientific researches first.

Laser Surgeries Are Irreversible And Can Lead To Severe Future Complications

  • "Serious adverse complications leading to significant permanent visual loss such as infections and corneal ectasia probably occur rarely in LASIK procedures; however, side effects such as dry eyes, night time starbursts, and reduced contrast sensitivity occur relatively frequently." 

~ Sugar et al, Ophthalmology, 2002

  • "Although LASIK remains the most popular refractive surgical procedure, it is becoming apparent that corneal surfaces, cut to create the midstromal flap during surgery, fail to fully reunite postoperatively; surgeons can simply peel back an anterior corneal flap several years later. Such patients... are at risk for progressive visual disability due to general corneal weakness that may progress to ectasia or even traumatic displacement of the insecure flap." - 

~ Mi et al, 2011

There are just too many complications with LASIK. The Grammy award winner actress and comedian, Kathy Griffin had LASIK and now it left her with partial blindness in one eye. 

Doesn't this answer the question why refractive surgeons prefer to wear glasses than to go for LASIK themselves?

The cutting and burning of the cornea leaves too many unwanted detrimental consequences. If it is as safe as they had declared, you will not see any eye doctors with refractive issues.

The Well Hidden Vision Secret

The media and optical industry had did their best to convince you that the only way to improve your vision is by laser surgery or corrective lens.

What they do not tell you is that you eyes can be re-trained and you can improve your vision with good eye nutrition! And there are ways to improve your eyesight naturally without any of the complications of the convention methods.

The natural way? Eye exercises and relaxation.

Eye exercises are a set of activities and relaxation techniques that aim to improve your eye muscle coordination and flexibility.

It helps you to improve your innate ability to focus (which has reduced due to too much close up work) and relaxes the eyeball to let it go back to its natural shape. 

By incorporating eye exercises, good vision habits and eating healthier food, you are on your way to improve your eyesight and eye health.

How To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

I put on my first glasses when I was 11 years old and ever since my eyesight has been fighting a losing battle. Over a span of 20 years, my nearsightedness has increased from 20/100 to 20/400.

Like many, I was also attracted by the fairy tale of LASIK. Thankfully, I neither have the guts or $$$ to do it. While researching for ways on how to improve eyesight in the cheapest way possible, I came across eye exercises and my life has changed since.

But is eye exercises for you?

Chances are good that it is if you want to improve your eyesight naturally without LASIK or glasses.

Do you have to spend a bulk on money? Is it difficult? Does it take long to see result?

Nope on all three counts.

You will find out yourself that it is cheap, painless and you can achieve amazing results within weeks. 

So sit back and relax.

Explore in this site, secrets which your optometrist won't want you to know.

Experiment the different type of eye exercises and customize your own personal routine to improve eyesight naturally.

For a start, check out the magic of eye exercises and learn some free eye exercises to improve your vision now! 

Take charge now and give your eyes their fighting chance!

Please bookmark this website and share it with your friends and family who wear glasses or contacts (especially those that have children with vision problems). The information shared here may possibly change their lives forever.

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