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Have Fun Forming 3D Images Using Your Convergence Skill

Cross eyeing is fun!

It creates new visual experience and makes people laugh.

During my childhood, I often spent hours in front of the mirror, trying to perfect the art of cross eyeing.

And it does come with a price though.

A loud roar from my mum that almost makes me pee in my pants.

It was good will of her to do that. In the older days, it was believed that cross eyeing makes you permanently cross eyed

Today, we all know it is just a myth.

Cross Eyeing Is Actually Good For You

Cross Eyeing

In the pictures below, in order to form a 3D image, you need to converge your eyes, which is to bring your eyes towards each other.

When you cross your eyes, you will see three images rather than two.

The middle image is conjured by your brain by combing the two images.  

The middle image will have depth and appears closer to you.

If the pictures appear flat as how it looks in the beginning, your eyes coordination skill may be weak.

Also, the picture should remain clear at all times.  

If you can fuse the pictures but can't make them clear, then your focusing system may not be working with your eye coordination system properly.

If such situation happens, I highly recommend that you try doing eye exercises to improve your coordination skills. 

Fun With 3D

Let's have fun and try them out.

Take your time.

If you are unsuccessful at first, try these steps.

  1. Put the finger in between you and the middle of the picture.
  2. Focus your visual attention on your finger. (You should see a third image forming in the middle)
  3. Move the finger closer to you until the two images merge properly into the 3D image in the middle.
  4. Move away your finger but focus your attention on the middle image.
3D Lady

Hot Lady

If you are still unsuccessful, nothing to worry about.

Follow this video.

Focus on the middle dot.

Now you are successful, let's try out more 3D images!

Have Fun With More 3D Images

3D Moon

Bella luna, my beautiful, beautiful moon
How you swoon me like no other

3D Einstein

One of My Favorite Genius

3D Angel

Holy Angel

3D Tulip

These Tulip Looks Cooling

3D Road Trip

A Beautiful Scene In Autumn

3D Parade


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