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Eye Exercises Tips. How To Survive And Excel In It.

In this article, its my please to share my personal eyes exercise tips on how to incorporate natural vision improvement into your life and make it work.

It includes my personal failures with vision improvement and how to overcome them.

Hope that you can gain something out of it. You are not alone on this route of natural eyesight improvement.

The Master Of Procrastination

Should I do it now? Gosh... I am tired... Let me rest a while and do the eyes exercises later.

Oh the show looks incredibly good.. Will do later once I finished the show... Ok done with the show.. Err.. I got more important email to reply to and random articles to read...

Did it happen to you before?

Procrastinating and putting off eye exercises was a norm in my life.

Reasons? Let me whine~


It requires too much discipline.

The time needed of non movement is darn boring that I fell asleep sometimes!

There are also all sorts of reasons such as no time, last minute appointments, shows that suddenly look enticing, eyes too tired from the day and just plain lazy.

Guilt of not doing it.

Honesty, I lacked the motivation to start over again even though I knew in my heart that it is good for me.

The Re-Ignition

It took me one year before I decided to pick up eye exercises again.

The revelation of the high number of myopic children in my school was disturbing me. I felt that I have the responsibility to find a way to fight this epidemic for our future generation. Or at least for my own next generation.

My wise wifey, Niki, asked me a profound question.

How is it going to be different this time? How am I going to do it differently so that I can succeed?

That struck me hard.

As Einstein stated before that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I realized several changes had to be made.

What Had To Be Changed?

In the past my vision recovery routine was too erratic and unpredictable.

There was no system in place.

Sometimes I did it in the morning and sometimes after work. It didn't become a habit.

When self-discipline needs to be activated, things get tough. People who exercises regularly are people who turned exercising into a habit rather than something that they need to force themselves to do.

For most of us, our self-discipline muscles are weak. Planning ahead and sticking to what to do at certain moments removes the need to use our self-discipline.

My friends frequently ask me why do you have such strong self-discipline to do certain things.

But questions like these always leave me bewildered as I don’t feel that I am a disciplined person. I just do these things without thinking. In fact, if I have think action, I will probably think myself out of doing it.

Inevitably, excuses started to pour in. No time to do, unfinished work that needed to be attended immediately, too tired to anything and last minute appointments.


The first thing I need to do is to create a ritual of doing the eyes exercises. I need to create a timed ritual to follow it.

Ritual is important as it removes the thinking process and the need of self-discipline.

Planning early eliminates the cumbering process of deciding when and whether to the routine everyday.

Morning Ritual

Autopilot is the key here. Its like brushing our teeth which don't need our conscious effort to do it.

Decide what time are you going to do the exercises everyday and sticks to it.

In my case, I started doing the program immediately, the moment I wake up.

It helped me to avoid any excuses (even legitimate ones) for the rest of the day.

During that time, my eyes are fresh and it is much easier to concentrate and perform well for the vision training.

By completing it straightaway removes the mental monster of wondering when to do it and guilt of not doing it later.

Countering Boredom

Secondly, I need to find something to do with the eyes exercise routine to avoid boredom.

Honestly.... Standing or sitting still for 20 minutes, moving only my eyes, bores the hell out of me.

I not the kind of person who can sit there quietly doing nothing. I don’t have that self-discipline. Like Jerry Maguire said, "I'm just not built that way."

Solution? Multitasking.

I multi-tasked my exercise ritual.

Stretching, listening to audiobooks, singing to music and preparing my breakfast are examples of activities I incorporated with the routine.

If you are planning to better your eyesight naturally. These two are crucial factors that you must not overlook. Don’t let it deter you like it did it me due to poor planning.

Incorporating Eyes Exercise Into Way of Life

Other than the rituals, I try to integrate natural vision improvement into my everyday life.

I have the word "Blink" stick to my computer as a reminder for frequently blinking. While I am doing close-up work, I have a timer to notify me to rest my eyes in every 20 minutes interval.

When I am at school or whenever I am free, I will do focusing switching exercise and have fun training my convergence and divergence visual skills using stereograms and 3D images.


Since then I had not missed any of my eyes exercise ritual.

It had become autopilot and I do not have to think myself into doing it anymore.

The only thing I regretted was not able to realize this earlier. But it's OK. Never too late than never.

Let me summarize the eye exercises tips for you below:

  • Create a ritual (Preferably doing it first thing in the morning)
  • Combine the routine with other activity (Such as singing)
  • Incorporate eye exercises into way of life
  • Do it now

Succeed or not, its all up to us and our commitment.

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