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Animal Vision: How Animal Sees

Animal Vision

Animal vision is truly fascinating.

They always seemed to be able to see things that we human can’t see.

Did you ever wonder why did your cat’s eyes glow at night?

How can an eagle see so far?

The following articles share with you in depth on how are they able to do those feats.

Cats Vision

Being nocturnal hunters, cats has a special set of eyes that is able to see and detect movement in dim light.

They also see colors differently and they have less color range than we human do.

Click on the line above to learn in details how your purring companion see the world.

Dog Vision

Dogs truly amazing animals.

When they love, they love unconditionally. Statistics even shown that just having a dog can reduce stress and improve health.

Many people thought that dogs are monochrome, seeing the whole in shades of black and white. They are not.

Like cats, they have a smaller spectrum of colors as compared to human.

Learn more about man’s best friend with the link above.

Eagle Vision

Scan from the sky, aim, locked, attack. You need high visual range and also zooming ability so that you can lock on the target.

Eagles are even capable of detecting urine strains to predict where their preys are thanks to their ability to see UV light.

In addition, they have a visual field of 340 degree. Learn more about this amazing creature.

Spider Vision

Even with 8 eyes, most spiders have poor eyesight.

Their eyes are mainly used for motion detection and differentiating the change in environment light intensity.

Most spiders lay low and wait for their preys to either get trapped in their net or comes close to them.

However, there are a certain breed of spider that has very good eyesight. Find out more.

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