Ben Morgan

by Rachel Reardon
(Midland, MI, USA)

Maya Piper, the only person who was ever nice to him sometimes

Maya Piper, the only person who was ever nice to him sometimes

The story of Ben Morgan is a tale as timeless as time itself. Although colorblindness completely debilitated any chance he had at a successful future, he overcame these adversities and became the greatest heart surgeon this side of bullock creek. Through an amazing intuition, he was always able to miraculously guess when the light was green and when it was red, until one fateful day that would ultimately ruin his career. While operating on former president and Supreme Court justice William Howard Taft,he accidentally carved into the fat man's heart a little too soon and ultimately killed the 25th man to inhabit the Oval Office much too soon. This was way back in 1943. Taft's family, having employed the best lawyers in the country, made sure Morgan was thrown in jail for the rest of his life. The successful heart surgeon was subject to endless torment for his unfortunate disability and ultimately died alone in jail three years ago. His story remains an inspiration and to the colorblind everywhere and a tragedy unmatched in our time. He should be remembered as a martyr who suffered greatly because his eyes lacked a few cones. The end.

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