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Common Eye Diseases

If you have questions regarding some eye diseases, this article may help you answer them.

It will state some of the common eye diseases, the cause and treatments available.

Do note that the information shared are for educational purpose only.

If you suspect that you have any eye conditions or you have injured your eye, do seek advice and treatment from your eye doctor immediately.


Cloudy substances that appears on your natural lens.

Your vision appears blurred and you become more sensitive to light.

Cataracts tend to be more common in people who are over 50 years old but it may develop any time.

Some children are born with it while others may develop them early due to injury, medications and high exposure to UV rays.

Learn how to delay or better, stop the ‘inevitable’.  

Dry Eye Syndrome

A condition where your eyes are not able to produce enough quality tears to keep them lubricated.

It can cause burning and itchy sensation and just darn uncomfortable.

Prolonged period of dryness can cause even corneal scarring which can damage your vision permanently.

Learn how to reduce the syndrome and avoid the cause. There are also natural remedies available.

Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC)

A very common conjunctivitis of contact lens wearers.

Statistics shown that about 21% contact lens users will get GPC.  

“Giant papillary” refers to large bumps that form under your eyelid which is caused by irritation.

Learn how to prevent and treat it quickly.


Nystagmus is also known as the ‘dancing eye’.  

This condition is noticed for the repetitive, uncontrollable,  rapid eye swinging movements even when the patient is focusing on a fixed object.

People with such condition are usually unaware of their eye movements as the world does not appear shaky to them. 


Thickening of the conjunctiva which usually appear like yellowish patch or lump on the sclera (white parts of the eye) between the eyelids.

Pinguecula are non-cancerous and will not affect vision. It can be caused by long term sun exposure and eye irritation.

Though harmless, it can be very uncomfortable and may develop into pterygium.

Learn how to treat it quickly.

Pink Eye

One of the most common eye diseases.Also known as conjunctivitis or red/sore eye where your eyes appear bloodshot.

It can be caused by eye infections, allergies and injuries.

Never ever use over-the-desk prescription which contains preservatives as they are likely to worsen the condition.

Learn the cause and see how to you can treat them naturally.


Similar to pinguecula is a noncancerous growth on the conjunctiva.

It appears to be a reddish wedge shaped tissue which can extend from the white sclera to the cornea of the eye.

This condition can affect vision when it grows over the cornea. 

Lazy Eye

Happens when the brain decided to ignore one eye’s visual input due to conflicting images from both eyes.

In long run, it can cause optic nerve atrophy due to lack of use.

It is usually caused by certain childhood vision problems such as severe myopia in one eye, strabismus and congenital cataract.

Early intervention increases the chance of successful treatment especially if before the age of 5. Find out how to get it treated.


A condition where one or both eyes are not aligned properly.

It is also popularly known as crossed eyes and often misunderstood as lazy eyes. But little do people know there are different type of strabismus.

Strabismus is possible to be treated if intervened early.



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