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8 Fatal Mistakes Which Contact Lens Wearers Made

People wear contact lenses for various reasons.

Dangers of Wearing Contact lens

Contact lens wearers often find the contact lens to be convenient and aesthetically valuable.

This is especially true for people with severe nearsightedness, who needed extremely thick glasses that make their eyes appearing unusually small. 

However, weight of the dangers of contact lens may just be too heavy when compared on the scale with the convenience and the ‘good look’.

Contact lenses need a lot of care in handling and require discipline. 

For many things else, making a little mistake here or there might not cause any problem.

But with contact lenses, a little mistake can mean an excruciating eye infection that can cause permanent blindness. 

Contact lenses are technically considered as a medical device, not a cosmetic item.

Therefore, they should only be used responsibly and safely.

Here are 8 fatal mistakes which contact lens wearers made.

Mistake 1: Wearing Contact Lens For Too Long

This is a common trend among contact lens wearers.

When you are tight on your wallet or for simple convenience, it’s tempting to wear your contact lenses beyond the recommended replacement schedule. 

This is actually bad for the eye as the cornea (surface of your eye) needs oxygen to keep it healthy.

Although contact lenses are gas permeable, it does not allow as much oxygen to reach your eyes as when you keep your eyes naked.

That is why it is recommended to remove contact lenses at night to give your eyes a 'break' and to increase the flow of oxygen to your eyeball.

Contact lenses, especially soft ones, create a warm and moist environment where microorganisms such as bacteria, parasites and fungal thrive and breed.

In addition, keeping the contact lens rested on your eyes for long period of time offers more time for microorganisms to dig into your cornea and start feeding on it.

Mistake 2: Sleeping With Contact Lens

Sleeping with contact lens

When you sleep with your contact lenses on, the closing of eyes creates a warm and moist environment.

This increases the activeness of the microorganisms that are already living on the contact lens.

Having the contact lens in while you sleep may also cause scratches on your cornea when the contact lens slips out of the place while you are unconscious.

Please note that sleeping with contact lenses is the number one cause of corneal ulcer, an eye infection which is extremely painful and costly to treat.

In severe cases, corneal ulcer can result in permanent blindness where corneal transplant may be the only way to retrieve normal vision.

This risk is the same whether the contact lenses have been approved for overnight wear or not. 

Mistake 3: Improper Care With Contact Lens And Storage Cases

Clean this too.

Do you follow the steps on the instruction manual of your contact lens and cleaning solutions?  

One of the biggest mistake that contact lens users made is that they don’t follow the instructions diligently. 

The manufacturer of each brand of the contact lens will indicate how to disinfect and store their contact lens correctly.

These instructions may differ slightly between the different brands and by ignoring them, you may end up damaging the lens or even worse; making yourself vulnerable to serious eye infection.

Cleaning and disinfecting the contact lens aren't the only thing that a contact lens wearer should be concerned with.

Disinfecting the storage case is just as important.

That is because harmful organisms can grow and live in the case if it is left unattended. 

And by putting your cleaned contact lenses in, they may attach to the lenses and infect your eyes when you put on the lenses again.

Therefore, it is a good idea to rub and clean your storage case with a sterile solution recommended by your eye care provider.

Then dry it with a clean lint free towel and leave it to be air dried with both the case and caps down before using it again.

Mistake 4: Contact Lens Wearer Sharing Contact Lens

Fun but dangerous

Exchanging body fluids increases risk of getting all kinds of infection. 

Needless to say, sex and french kiss are not the only ways that you transfer body fluids.

One of the ways that contact lens wearers swap body fluids is through sharing of contact lens.

Even though it is grosser than sharing of toothbrush, contact lens sharing is especially prominent between youngster. 

And the cause?

Cosmetic lenses aka decorative contact lenses.

During parties (like Halloween) or night outs, swapping of cosmetic lens is fun.

You can change from looking like a vampire, to a cat, then a zombie, all within a night. And though it looks cool, such action is actually dangerous. 

By wearing other’s contact lenses, you could pick up eye infection that leads to pink eye and even corneal ulcers.

And what is prescribed to another person’s eye may be too big or small for your eyes.

Wearing it increases risk of getting your cornea scratched due to improper fitting.

Mistake 5: Buying Contact Lens Without Prescription

To avoid the hassle of waiting and getting prescription, some people bought contact lenses (such as cosmetic lenses) from illegal sellers such as flea markets and hairdressers. 

These contact lens which are bought without a proper examination from an eye doctor cannot ensure proper fitting and comfort.

You will not know the lens is made up of or even whether is the lens safe for your eyes.

Our cornea is too delicate and important to put to such risks.

If you want to wear cosmetic lenses, the very least you can do for your eyes is to buy them from registered opticians.

They can advise you on the most suitable type of 'fun' lenses for your eyes, even if you don't need prescription lenses.

Mistake 6: Going Into Water With Contact Lens On

Contact lens wearers should remove their contact lenses before getting into any source of water.

Remove your contacts before swimming

Such as swimming in pool or the sea; showering, soaking in a bathtub or even if you are attempting to wash your eye.

In every water source, there are infectious organisms.

These organisms may be harmless to our body but they can cause great destruction to our eyes especially when you have the contact lens in.

When you bath or swim in water, other than chlorine and dirt, microorganisms such as bacteria and parasite, may get caught between the contact lens and your eye. 

This creates opportunity for the infectious organisms to invade the cornea and cause serious eye infections which may lead to serious consequences such as permanent blindness (For more details, see Dangers of contact lens).

Mistake 7: Washing Lenses With Anything Other Than Contact Lens Solution  

Don't clean with anything else

Many people do not know the seriousness of this action.

You might as well drop the contact lens into a rubbish chute and pick up to wear it again. 

As I shared above, all water source contain some form of infectious organisms.

Rinsing your contact lens with tap water is equivalent to purposely infecting your own eyes. 

That includes using of your saliva to moisturize the lenses.

Mistake 8: Changing To Whichever Lens Solution That Is On Sale  

Seeing something which you need is on discount, gives immense pleasure.

But when it comes to contact lens solution, contact lens wearers will have to be extra careful with buying whatever that is on discount. 

Your eye doctor probably recommended a specific lens solution for you to use based on compatibility with the lens, compatibility with your eyes, and proven effectiveness in clinical trials.  

A wrong type of contact lens solution can mean improperly disinfected contact lens that can cause irritated eyes and eye infections.

Also, if problem does arise from your contact lens wear,  it is easier to troubleshoot if you are using a single solution consistently rather than going from one solution to the next.

Known Of Other Mistakes?

Does any of these mistakes happen to you? Or do you know of other mistakes that contact lens wearers made? Share it with us! We will benefit from your sharing.

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