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The Basics Of Eye Exercises. What Does It Aims To Train?

In this article, I like to share with you on some basics of eye exercises.

Everyday, more of us are diagnosed with poor eyesight. One of the main causes of poor eyesight is the due to our weakened visual skills and eye muscles due to our modern way of living and our over-reliance of glasses.

The conventional methods of using corrective lens and surgery do not address this issue, as a result, they can never cure our world of vision disorders.

People who wear glasses need higher prescriptions every one or two years. People who did LASIK started relying their glasses again after a few years.

The only way to tackle this issue is through eye exercises.

Several visual skills that eye exercises aimed to train are:

Tracking - the ability to smoothly follow a moving object such as moving vehicle and a ball in flight.

Fixation - the ability to maintain steady visual attention on a single location

Peripheral vision - also known as side vision is the ability to be aware and able to interpret what is going on outside your central vision. Central your attention on the wolf and see whether you can observe the changes in the background color.

Saccades - the ability to locate quickly and make eye jumps from one stationary object to the other such as moving along words while reading.

Accommodation - the ability to change focus quickly from near to far and vice versa. Such as shifting view from a book to the blackboard.

Eyes coordination - the ability to use both eyes together, smoothly and accurately is what allows our brain to fuse the two separate pictures coming in from each eye into a single image.

This includes the ability to converge the eyes, turning them inwards to look at a near object, and divergence, moving them outward from each other to refocus on a distant object.

Have fun with your convergence ability and divergence ability here.

Converge Diverge

Near-vision acuity - the ability to clearly see objects at near distances (within 20 feet of the eyes).

Distance-vision acuity - the ability to clearly see objects at a distance (more than 20 feet away from the eyes)

Depth perception - the ability to see thing within three-dimensional (3D) space and to judge the distance of an object. Test your depth perception with the image below.

Depth Perception
  1. Put your finger in between the circle and your eyes.
  2. Focus your eyes on the finger first.
  3. If your do it properly, you will see that the circle turn into two circles on the both side of your finger.
  4. Now focus your focus on the circle.
  5. You will see that the circle merges together and your finger split into two on the either side of the circle.
  6. Notice how easy or difficult it is.

Relaxation - the ability to relax the eyes and the visual system. This is important for preventing and treating eyestrain.

Eye palming and sun bathing are common technique of relaxation.

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