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6 Simple Eye Exercises To Improve Farsightedness (Hyperopia) Now!

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, it is estimated that 12 million Americans suffer from farsightedness.

Farsightedness, also known as hypermetropia, is one of the common vision disorder, which you have difficulty focusing on close up objects.

It is different from presbyopia which one gets as they age, long sightedness can affect any age group.

What Causes Farsightedness?

Hyperopia happens when the light which induces image lands right behind our retina rather than on it.

Difference between farsightedness and healthy eye

Thus causing blurry images of close up objects. 

While some are hereditary, the common causes of hyperopia are:

  • Weak ciliary muscles thus unable to bent the eye lens enough to converge light onto the retina accurately.
  • Limited distance between eye lens and retina due to short eyeball.

In most cases, both short and long sightedness are ascertained to stem from poor vision habits, which the patients usually develop at their young age.

Severe farsightedness can lead to further complications such as lazy eye and strabismus.

The immediate known remedy for this problem is lenses prescription. However, this method only solves the symptom and not the core issue of hyperopia - weak eye muscles and poor eye coordination.

It will also cause over-reliance on glasses and our vision depleting further.

It is lesser known that long sightedness can as well be controlled through simple eye exercises

What Are Eye Exercises?

Eye exercises was first introduced in 1920s by Dr. William H. Bates.

He concluded that stress and eyestrain are the main causes of refractive errors and though relaxation, the eye can function properly again.

While good vision is achieved when our eye muscles, together with nerves and our eye work in harmony.

Poor vision habits and lack of eye exercises had caused our eyes muscles to weaken and our eye components forgetting how to work well with each others.

Eye exercises re-teaches our eyes to relax properly and strengthen the right eye muscles.

6 Eye Exercises To Improve Farsightedness

If you are a hyperopic person and need something natural to strengthen your vision, join me as I try to lift curtains for you regarding the untold revelations on the 6 eye exercises to improve farsightedness. 

The following are proven and tested exercises that will keep your muscle alert for clear long distance experience.

Flutter blinking exercise

For optimal eye health, we should blink as often as possible. 

Blinking helps us to rehydrate and freshen the eyes as it keeps them coated with beneficial layers of tears. It also gives our eyes a temporary break. 

 Studies shown that we blink naturally around 15-20 times per minutes.

That is a whooping 1200 times per hour! 

However, these numbers decrease significantly when we are in stress or focus on something intensely such as watching a TV or staring at the computer screen.

If you spend a long time looking at a computer screen, ensure that you try to blink regularly.  This will help your eyes to reset and reduce the chances of computer-induced eye-strain.

Flutter blinking exercise encourages a rapid blinking of your eyes at varied intervals. The blinking should be soft and natural like the light flap of butterfly wings.

Accompany this technique with a continuous inhaling and exhaling as about 30% of our breathing is responsible for nourishing the visual system.

This method is a natural remedy for dry eyes as it brings along a lubricating effect.

On the other hand, blinking ensures the natural moisture is increased in the eyes, hence bringing about a lubricating phenomenon. This works best naturally for the dry eyes and with long vision impairment. 

Hey, one more thing, if you can’t blink rapidly, you can take things slow as well.

Just perform the whole technique at a slower rate aby closing your eyes for 3 seconds and then keep them open for 3 seconds. 


For maximum relaxation, it is best to do this while you are sitting down with you arms propped up on a desk or when you are lying down on the floor. 

  1. Rub you hand together to generate warm. 
  2. Use them to cover both your eyes (you can choose to do with eyes open or not) but do not apply pressure to your eyeballs. 
  3. Make sure your hands are tightly covered so that a complete darkness is formed. 
  4. by imagining you are outside of your house, staring into the darkness.
  5. Do this for 5 minutes. 

You might think this to be too obvious and ignorable, but this eye exercise releases eye tension and stress.

As such, it helps to relax the eye muscles and eye strain which is crucial in regaining your natural eyesight.

Nothing is ignoble when it comes to exercising your eyes. 


A very important exercise to improve your eye muscles.

Like doing yoga, stretching helps to strengthen the eye muscles and make them become more flexible.

The elasticity of the eye muscles is very important for bending the natural lens for seeing close up objects.

This technique is principled by only, moving the eyes, not the head, as far as you feel possible to the corners

  1. Start with moving your eyes to the left and then to the right. Aim to see your ears.
  2. Move your eyes diagonally. Try to see the corner of your eyebrow while looking up diagonally and your shoulder while looking down. Remember to keep your head facing straight at all times. 
  3. After this, move your eyes all the way up and downwards. 
  4. Repeat the entire procedure 3 times. 
  5. Then, finish up by rolling your eyes 360 degrees, just to make sure additional tensions to the eyes are removed. 

Focus shifting exercise

One of the best eye exercises to improve farsightedness.

This exercise is aimed to retrain your eye’s focusing ability. It helps the eye to recover the ability to shift from near objects to those that are some distance away. 

To perform this, first, you need to select an object and place it like 20 feet away (for example a painting on the wall).

Get into a comfortable position. I recommend that you get a cushioned seat for best comfort. No need to treat yourself badly ^_^. 

Find a pencil or for simplicity, use your thumb. Hold it around 6 inches from your nose.

  1. Cover one eye. You can either do this with an eye patch or your hand.
  2. Look at the close-up object for 3 seconds. Make sure you attain clear focus.
  3. Focus on the distance object. Try to attain as much clarity as you can but don’t squint your eyes. Hold for 3 seconds.
  4. Then shift to back to the close-up object. 
  5. Do this repeatedly for 30 second then switch to the other eye.

Rest your eyes frequently. Follow 20-20-20.

Always ensure that your eyes get enough rest.

Eye-strain is one of the biggest culprit of poor vision.

Our eyes are always overwork. It does not get to rest until we decide to turn in and  sleep.

We tend to ignore its signals of fatigue due to being to engross in a work or game.

Give your eyes their needed rest just as you will take a sit when your legs are tired. If you are doing long hours of computer work, make sure you take regular breaks.

For beginners, try following the 20-20-20 rule. For every 20 minutes of looking at a computer, try to look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

This will help your eyes to focus on something further away than something that is immediately in front of you.

If you are ready for something more hardcore, try doing body weight resistance exercises instead.

Push-ups and air squats will help to pump plenty of blood into your eyes and it comes with the benefit of getting a trimmed body.

Pinhole effect

You can almost see immediate clarity with this method. 

Pinhole effect is achieved by blocking all the angled lights from entering your eye, but allow only the light that comes directly to your eye to enter.

This allows the image to fall on the retina seamlessly without requiring our inner lens to retract the light rays. 

You can create a pinhole effect by clenching up your fist and seeing through hole created at the back of your fist.

The same effect can be accomplished by creating 2 holes on the opposite direction of a box or using a rolled up sheet of paper. You just have to be creative here.

For a better natural eye improvement tool, try pinhole glasses

Pinhole glasses is recommended by several natural vision enthusiasts for improving eyesight. 

Anecdotal evidence suggests our overall vision can be improved by wearing pinhole glasses for 15 minutes daily as it retrains our eyes to focus clearly together.

Here comes the end of our 6 eye exercises to improve farsightedness. Know of any other eye exercises that can improve hyperopia? 

Share with us, we will love to know.

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