Eye infection almost ended my life quickly.

by Karyn gephart
(Sacramento CA)

I lost my job and was under extreme stress financially and emotional ally. I could not afford contacts so I wore what I had until they fell apart.
One morning I began having extreme eye pain . By 5pm,the time my son came home from work, I was on the floor in my bedroom , on my knees screaming in horrific pain.
I thought my contact lens had cut my eyeball...it was the worst pain in my life.
My son rushed me to the emergency room where the took my blood and admitted me for a,serious almost fatal blood infection from an eye disease called orbititis.
I would have died that night had he not taken me to ER.
I spent two weeks in bed in the hospital with an iv of antibiotics.
Then I was sent home with an intravenous pick in my arm to administer antibiotic injections three times a day for a month!
This is a real and true story that did happen to me in August 2015 .

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