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This Eye Exercises FAQs page is built in attempt to answer as many questions , which you may have regarding eye exercises and the Rebuild Your Vision Program (my personal experience).


Hope that they help to you to save time and effort in finding out the answers to these questions.

Currently, I am recommending Rebuild Your Vision because I have improved my eyesight significantly with it. I believe it is the easiest to understand and follow and the most effective program that is available in the market now.

Please note that I am not an employee of Rebuild Your Vision. If you have any questions regarding the program, you can email Orlin Sorensen through his website.

Questions which I intend to answer. If you wish to jump straight to a question, just click on the question link below.

How Eye Exercises Work?
Eye exercises are activities that aims to increase your visual skills, strength and flexibility of your eye muscles. They include exercises like eye rotation, swinging, focusing near and far.

They help to stimulate integral components of the eye in a manner that would never be achieved through normal daily use.

Rebuild Your Vision is like your “gym instructor” who plans customized sets of “workout routines” which consist of different type of optical drills to achieve optimal results for your eyesight improvement.


These routines will only take up 20 minutes of your time daily.

In the process of natural improvement, you will also learn good vision habits that can reverse your self-sabotaging vision habits that causes your eyesight deterioration in the first place.

So you can learn how to preserve your good eyesight when you get it.

What is Rebuild Your Vision?
Rebuild Your Vision is a vision training program that is designed to help people improve their eyesight naturally without the hassle of glasses, contact lens and danger of eye surgeries.

Since it was launched in 2002, over 20,000 people had used it worldwide.

Who Create Rebuild Your Vision?
In order to become a licensed fighter pilot, Orlin Sorensen did an extensive research on natural vision improvement.

Though his research he was finally able to overcome his nearsightedness and achieve 20/20 vision. Rebuild Your Vision is course created from what Orlin Sorensen had learned about vision improvement and the most effective eye exercises available.

How Does Rebuild Your Vision Program Work?
Due to many stresses put upon the visual system, the use of glasses and contacts, and the natural aging process, your eyes can become weak and distorted, causing blurred vision.

The Rebuild Your Vision Program is designed to strengthen your eyes just as you would any other weak part of your body, improving your vision and helping you to see clearly -- naturally.

Will Rebuild Your Vision Work For Me?
Try it for yourself. You have nothing to lose as the course is 100% guarantee for 1 year. If you have any of the following refractive errors, Rebuild Your Vision can work magic for you.

So far, Rebuild Your Vision has helped a range of people from mild conditions (1 or 2 diopters) to severe cases (7 diopters) in curing their eyesight problems.

Will you be one of the benefited ones? The only way to know is to try it yourself. Never believe anything (even from me) unless you experience it personally. For maximum result, I will recommend that you set aside 20 minutes of your undisturbed time everyday for at least 1 month.

Anyway, you can get full refund (including course fee and shipping) if you ain’t blown away by the results within one year.

What’s stopping you now?

Do Rebuild Your Vision Ship Internationally?
As long as you have delivery services in your country, they will be able to ship to you. Rebuild Your Vision has a very strong wide world customer base including Singapore, Australia and United Kingdom.

How Long Does It Take To See Improvement?
I can’t give you a standard answer to this one as everyone is different. It depends on too many factors such as your motivation, dedication to the program, vision habits, beliefs, your age and many other things.

Some people get drastic improvement within a few weeks, other people may take several years to reach their vision goal.If you cannot complete the entire daily routine or miss a day you can simply pick up where you left off.

Personally, I see changes within 4 days of the routine and I am convinced that people will see measurable improvement if they follow the program within 1 month (Orlin backed it up with 1 year guarantee).

Do I Have To Do Eye Exercises Forever?
You don’t have to. Once you have achieved your vision goals you will only have to perform the exercises once or twice a month to maintain your new vision.

Do you think that 25 minutes per month is too much to maintain a healthy eyesight? I hope not. Oh come on, get out of the crouch.

Does The Program Work for Children?
Of course, in fact it is highly recommended since their eyesight are still highly moldable. Better not to let them have any refractive errors (such as nearsightedness and farsightedness) at such young age as they may become severe if they grow up without knowing how to use their eyes properly....

The only difficulty here is that working with children is not as easy as working with a motivated adult.

I recommend that the child to be of at least 10 years old before embarking on the program.

The reason is they may not understand the instructions and they may lack the motivation and persistence to carry out the program effectively.

Child Doing Eye Exercis

I would recommend that you do the program yourself first in order to experience and understand the concept behind eye exercises. Then inventing some games that incorporate the exercises to make it fun for the child.

Children achieve far better result if they learn through fun activities. They also learn through parent's behavior. Why should they do it, if you don’t do eye exercises yourself.

Why Should I Exercise My Eyes?
It is because like exercising your body, it keeps your eye healthy. Due to bad vision habits and our modern way of living, our eyes’ muscles have become weak and inflexible. Imagine not exercising for years.

Laziness will start kicking in and your muscles and stamina become wasted. I remembered myself panting after 3 flight of stairs after 5 years of crouching on my computer chair hardcoring MMORPG.

If this lifestyle continues, your eyes will become unfit and you starts noticing your eyesight deteriorating with constant blurriness.

Which will then lead to unhealthy symptoms such as early presbyopia and severe nearsightedness which have further complications such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Why Do The Eyes Need Exercising When They Are Always Moving?
The situation is like you are walking everyday with your legs regardless to the toilet or to your car.

Obviously, it is not enough to keep one healthy. In addition, our modern way of living limits the effective use of our eyes.

Why Do I Not Hear About Eye Exercises From My Opticians Or Optometrists?
The optical glass industry worth billions of dollars and almost all optometric colleges and medical schools are heavily funded by them.

The purpose? To train eye doctors how to prescribe and sell corrective lenses.

Or to recommend LASIK surgery for all sorts of refractive errors. This means that most eye doctors have no interest or the skills in helping patients reduce their dependency on these products.

Is It Possible To Recover The Shape Of Your Eyeball?
Good question. Let us look at what causes refractive errors first. One main reason of nearsightedness is due to the eyeball being so long that the image focuses in front of the retina instead of directly on the retina.

This elongated eyeball is a direct result of habitual eye strain. Due to prolonged near-point stress, the excessive tension causes the oblique muscles to keep squeezing the eyeball, making it elongated.

If you can prevent the eye strain, relax and retrain the eye muscles to work properly, the eyeball will return to its normal shape.

The same is true for farsightedness, in which the eyeball becomes shorter and the images focus behind the retina. Relaxing and retraining the rectus muscles allows the eyeball to return to original shape. (Check out how eyes muscles work for more information on oblique and rectus muscles)

As for astigmatism, there are two causes. The out-of-shape cornea, usually as a result of a longer eyeball caused by nearsightedness or uneven tension among the different eye muscles causing an out-of-shape eyeball.

So the simple cure for astigmatism is to either to rectify the myopia first so the cornea can correct itself or correct the tension among the eye muscles by sufficient relaxation.

How is the Rebuild Your Vision Program different from other programs?
There are several benefits that Rebuild Your Vision Program offers over the all other natural vision improvement programs.

1. Effectiveness - The program provides you with the most cutting edge optical eye exercises and vision improvement techniques. The staffs have devoted their efforts to create the most effective program for nearsightedness, farsightedness, aging vision, and astigmatism.

2. 100% Guarantee - When you order the Rebuild Your Vision Program you get the strongest guarantee on the market. Use the program for one year, risk-free. If you are not happy for any reason whatsoever, simply drop it back in the mail and they will refund you 100% of the purchase price. If Rebuild Your Vision competitors are so confident in their programs, shouldn't they offer such a guarantee?

3. Third Party Results - The Rebuild Your Vision Program has documented, before and after vision improvement results from objective third parties, one being an optometrist and the other being the U.S. Navy.

4. Multiple Techniques - The program provide you with over 8 optical exercises and 7 different vision improvement techniques so you can tailor it according to your personal needs.

5. Ease Of Use - The program does not need a computer or television to perform your daily sessions. You can do it any place and any time of your choice.

6. Guaranteed Result - No other program on the market comes close to delivering the results that the Rebuild Your Vision Program will give you. Plus, you can simply read the descriptions and illustrations rather than watching or listening to someone describe them to you.

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