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Urine Therapy

My grandma is old school. I’m talking oatmeal baths for chicken pox and yes a little bit of your urine in your infected eye. It worked when she did it.

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Rebound Hyperemia: Causes And How To Get Rid Of Them

People often complains of having red eyes when they stopped using redness relief eye drops. This condition is known as rebound hyperemia or rebound redness. Learn what causes it and how to get rid of them quickly and naturally.

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I’m scare

I afraid I’m blind nd .. I just found out my eye the black one turn colour to brown . And the shape of circle isn’t tat circle . Am I blind soon?

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OcuSoft Plus

These medicated wipes were recommended by my eye doctor to use after heat compresses. It clears away debris, mucus and dead skin while disinfecting. It

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12 Interesting Facts About Frog Eyes

Do you know frogs actually make use of their eyes to swallow food? 12 interesting facts which you may not know about frog eyes.

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Look outside

If there is a window nearby or you are outside, look out towards the distance, at the scenery and sky. Or if you're inside, look around the room around

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Make sure you get enough exercise and rest everyday, to help with blood circulation to the eyes. Also try to get outdoors more, go for walks in a national

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Gingko leaf/tea! It helps with blood circulation to the eyes and brain, thus helping to strengthen them with exercise and healing.

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Hot compress consistently for a few hours

I recently had a style so I took a soft washcloth, soaked it in water, put the wet cloth in the microwave and zapped it for 30 seconds. I applied it to

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Change the focus

Place your finger (or a pen) vertically in front of the tip of your nose. Focus your eyes on it. Move the finger or object away from your face but keep

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