I’m scare

by Kym

I afraid I’m blind nd .. I just found out my eye the black one turn colour to brown . And the shape of circle isn’t tat circle . Am I blind soon?

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Jan 06, 2020
This response scares me! NEW
by: Anonymous

How can you trust the manufacturer when they can't even spell? I like the ingredients but don't trust the manufacturer. Where is this company located?

Mar 02, 2018
Brown eye symptoms
by: Dr.Forthsythite

Hello sacred, I'm quite concearned with your current condition and discription of your brown eye. I can reassure you that with out a doubt that soon you won't be complaining about the colour change with your brown eye! That is because yes you're going blind! You won't be able to see it! So that's good news. Now the bad part, most of the time when your brown eye has changed colour. It's an indication of disease or some sort of decaying... usually when your brown eye goes in this direction it can get gassy and smell horrible, often they seep like a brown sludge with the consistency of mucus. Now that is the interesting part.. you see the sludge is actually the gases from decaying matter pushing out the decaying brown eye wall( gives it structure). So I'd say, don't be scared eventually it will fall right out. It's just going to.be a stinking mess until then.
I can't stress this enough, keep you fingers out of your brown eye. My patience in past have told me it feels great when they or I putpressure on the brown eye but this will just lead to constant desire for stimulation.

Feb 21, 2018

by: Andrewson

Hi Kym, have you checked with your eye doctor yet?

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