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5 Reasons To Improve Vision Naturally

Improve vision naturally is possible. 

I had before search endlessly for ways to improve my eyesight regardless of treatment methods.

I had even contemplated on LASIK but hold off due to cost and possible complications. 

Thankfully, I came across eye exercises and learnt how important vision habits are to our vision.

Most people who turn to eye exercises are highly motivated to improve their vision.

They’re either sick and tired of wearing glasses, or their vision has gotten so bad it’s ruining their vision health and their quality of life.

But improving your vision naturally takes time and it does not show results as quickly as LASIK or corrective lens. People may be discouraged and give up when the results are slow. 

Some will prefer a quicker fix.

Here are my 5 personal reasons to improve vision naturally which I hope can encourage you to stay on the path of natural vision improvement.

1) Risk Free And Save Money

This is the biggest reason why I choose to improve vision naturally.

Save Money

Saving money is a big deal for me.

One big factor why I had never considered LASIK is because it is too bloody expensive.

$1500 per eye? Go rob!

It ain't permanent either. I knew people who did LASIK and still need to wear corrective lens eventually.

In addition, doing LASIK entails high risks. As it involves cutting and burning your eyes...  

Do you believe that you will be left unscarred after such damaging operation?

Dr Morris Waxler, one of the officials involved in FDA approval of LASIK surgery, admitted that LASIK isn't safe.

The approval was made hastily due to pressure from the optical industry and the ophthalmologists; many side effects and long term risks such as abrasion of cornea and over-correction are unreported. 

Improve your vision naturally is way, way, way safer.

2) Improve Self Esteem

Improve Self Esteem

Needing glasses for the sake of seeing can be devastating to self esteem especially when you are young. 


It is because wearing glasses automatically stigmatizes you as a nerd. 

During my childhood, I was left out in a lot of activities and games just because I wore glasses. 

When a child is growing up, they are looking for ways to affirm themselves and build their self-esteem.

Being call nerd and ostracized are destructive to self-esteem.

I grew up believing that I am not likable and there is something wrong with me. 

So please don’t make your kid wear glasses 24/7 especially during these crucial developmental period. 

Plus the reliance on glasses for everything make you feel weak and useless. In the past, I can’t even doing simple things such as watching a TV show without putting them on. 

When you take charge to improve vision naturally, you know that you are the one who made it possible.

The self esteem which you build is definitely different from artificially correcting your vision through LASIK.

It is like comparing losing weight by eating pills and losing weight by changing eating habits and exercising.

Which one makes you feel better? I bet you would say the latter too.

LASIK is convenient. Anyone can do it if you have the money.

But is it reliable? No...

3) Don’t Need To Wear Glasses And Contact Lens Anymore

Need no glasses

Cost of glasses - $300 nett

Cost of LASIK per eye - $1500 nett

The joy of glasses-less - Priceless.

Needless to say, this is a push factor for many people to correct their poor eyesight (by artificial means or the natural ways).

We spec-ties know irritating these rimmed cages are, plus this world isn’t glasses-friendly to start off with. 

You can’t

  • go swimming with them on
  • play contact sports without the fear of breaking your glasses
  • kiss your partner without poking their eyes out.
  • go on a roller coaster ride without it flying away.
  • stop wiping your glasses in the rain
  • help noticing the sore and greasy mark on the bridge of your nose

The cons of glasses weigh too much for the practicality of wearing them.

It severely affects our quality of life.

But most of us just endure with it not because we like them but because we thought we have no choice but to live with it

Some people chose contact lens to avoid the hassles which I stated above, but were they successful?

From what I had learnt from my contact-lensed friends, they have their own sets of problems such as sore eyesdry eyes, higher costs of contact lens and the frantic of looking for it if it drops. (Read more in Dangers of Contact Lenses)

Those are not including the risks of permanent blindness due to eye funguscorneal abrasion and corneal ulcer.

4) Reduce Risks Getting Of Eye Diseases

Poor eyesight now increases the risk of you getting eye diseases like glaucomaretinal detachment and macular degeneration in the future.

Eye Diseases

These eye diseases are costly and even impossible to cure once they hit.

Many of them happen so gradually that by the time you start noticing it, the vision loss is already permanent.

Wearing corrective lens does nothing to improve your vision.

In fact, your reliance on them will increase your prescription every year as your eyes grow lazier.

All they do is changing the course of light so that it falls on your retina. This method only fix the refractive error artificially.

In fact, nearly one-third of people who wear corrective lens full time get one or more serious eye diseases by the time they reach 70.

That is because the weakened eye structure and muscles are more susceptible to any form of damage.

For those who did laser surgery face more complications with these eye diseases. 

Surgery increases their chances of getting these eye diseases and increases the difficulty in treating glaucoma and cataracts due to inaccurate intraocular pressure measurement.

The best bet?

Improve vision naturally with eye exercises instead. They have no complication.

5) Develop Good Vision Habits That Help You Preserve Your Vision For Life

Develop Good Vision Habits

I can’t stress this enough. Poor vision is a mostly a direct result of poor vision habits.

Many things about the way we use our eyes now are wrong.

We tend to

  • use them for too much close-up work therefore inducing excessive near point stress.
  • work them too much and give them too little of their deserved break.
  • stare and blink too little.
  • rub our eyes too much causing scratches to our cornea
  • eat too much junk and too little nutrients that vitalizes our eyes

When you start to improve vision naturally by doing eye exercises, you are also incorporating good vision habits that can serve you forever.

Eye exercises are not just about 20 minutes of training.

You are constantly reminded to give your eyes a break and reduce near-point stresses which is the greatest factor of poor eyesight.

You also learn to focus your eyes properly during the daily work of your life and to rely on your corrective lenses less.

As such, after you have completed the program, you have already adapted new set of good vision habits to replace the ones that caused you to have poor eyesight in the first place.

Let's rock and give our eyes the best possible.



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