by Michele
(Portland, OR)

I am very nearsighted. Have been my whole life. Was given glasses then as I entered high school I opted for contacts for vanity sake!!

My eyes got worse as I aged and I was told this was "normal". Now at 52 years old I've been diagnosed with MGD or my oil glands in my eyes don't function properly and I have Evaporated Dry Eye.

The only solution given me was eye drops, warm compresses, and antibiotics. None of this helped.

So now eye doc wants me to try some fancy new technology called Lipiflow. This apparently heats up the oil glands in your eyelids and helps to unclog them.

No "cure" of course, but suppose to Significantly reduce symptoms and assist the glands to function better. For a while at least.

Cost $1500 and insurance doesn't pay for it because it is considered "Elective".

I also had a slightly elevated eye pressure test two weeks ago. Have had them tested two times in two months, and both times "slightly" elevated.

Eye doc says no optic nerve damage, so he wants to monitor. At this time I'm looking at Chinese Medicine and acupuncture along with anti-oxidants and exercise. .

I don't feel "Waiting to see if I get a disease" is a very natural way or healthy way to approach this.

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