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Site Build It!: The Best All-In-One Solution To Build Money Making Websites

Do you always wanted to create money making websites but not knowing a darn thing about website development?

Or you have a website which you will like to make it more profitable?

Money making websites has always been a fantasy for me.

It seemed like a dream because I know nuts about website design and all I know about html coding is <br><b><i>. Any further, my brain goes into an overdrive and short circuit.

The Money Making Websites Expedition

To achieve my dream, I did tried some of the WYSIWYG platforms out there but the results were often demoralizing.

Money Making Websites Expedition

The end product can easily be done better by a primary school kid. -_-

I moved on to try Wordpress blogging as it required no coding or design skill at all.

After two years of hard work and creating several blogs, I had made a whopping total income of $2 through Adsense (I found out later that one click came from the courtesy of my wife).


And that concluded my journey of trying to create profitable websites.

I accidentally stumbled upon Site Build It! while I was browsing through several IT forums. 

I was quite skeptical at first due to their over-passionate claims about how wonderful the product is (honestly many of them sounded like fanatics). 

It looked too good to be true. I felt that the founder Ken Covey must have created a cult and in my book, cult usually means scam.

It was until a few very prominent people start to recommend it that I decided to check it out.

I would love to say that I am all sold by SBI immediately but my first impression was... it is bloody expensive!! %$#$@.

You see, SBI costs $29.90 monthly ($299 if you go for annual renewal instead). 

Come on, nowadays we can easily get a domain registration plus hosting and some custom website design for less than USD $10 monthly!

However, due to the trust I had with the blogger (I had tried several products recommended by him), I held back my impulse to escape for the safety of my wallet.

I read on to find out why the hell are they charging so much for.

As I dive in, I was fairly impressed. Apparently, it is an all-in-one solution provider

Site Build It! includes an extensive suite of tools to help you build a successful online business every step of the way, including domain name registration, hosting, keyword tools, point-and-click page creation, web mail, RSS feeds, auto-responders and more.

Pretty good indeed.

After some comparison, it doesn't look so expensive after all. I was inspired by the number of real life successful case studies.

As I ran through them one by one carefully, I couldn’t see any flaws or attempts to scam (they show the websites and their Alexa rankings). 

In fact, it was a great learning experience.

These people were sharing their experiences: what they had done, what could be avoided and improved.

And it was very motivating to see normal people with absolutely zero technical skills built successful websites and make a healthy living out of it.

If they can, why can’t I?

Check out one of the case studies below.

SBI! also shows solid proof that their system works.

This was what I don’t see other companies have. They even have testimonials from universities which use Site Build It! to teach their students Internet Marketing.

How cool is that? 

Honestly, what clicked with me most was the 3 months full refund guarantee.

3 months!

I could take my own sweet time to test it out and get all my money back if it didn’t work for me. 

My Journey With SBI!

So what did I do with all these wonderful stuff?

2 months later, I had asked for a refund.... which they did within few days without any questions asked. 

Before you jumped into any conclusion, let me explain. There’s Nothing Wrong With SBI!. It is actually more than what I had asked for. 

Back in those days my desire to build money making websites wasn’t strong enough and to be honest, SBI offers too much tips and tools which is too overwhelming for me. I was too greedy and wanted to learn everything at once.

In the end, I was utterly confused and got intimidated as I thought I have to master everything in order to succeed in SBI. Eventually, I called quits. 

I regretted ever since.

A year later due to frustration in job and unbearable self-reproach for giving up an opportunity to go my dream, I finally decided to give another try.

This time, I told myself to take it very, very slowly. I take my own sweet time to go through the action guide (10 days is a generic number. You can take as long as you want for each day of Action Guide) and not check out any of the additional tips provided.

This time I aimed to focus only on content creation.

During Day 2 of action guide. I used Brainstorm It to find out which of the subjects I am passionate about has good demand and low supply.

Then I jumped in.

I didn’t even did any keyword research. I just wrote whatever I want to write, giving no regards to keywords whatsoever (Be nice, I was green. Though I am still now :P). 

I regretted for not using the Brainstormer properly. My traffic would have been much more now. Though I sincerely agree that content is king (which is why most of my content are at least a thousand words)  but SEO helps you to rank up faster.

No matter how good your content is, it is useless if no one gets to see it.  Now I have to rebuild my structures again and it takes painfully long.

Piece of advice: Spend some time on keyword research.

I wrote about 20 articles, put up one affiliate and just park it there.

Honestly I wasn’t sure whether I will earn any money from it.

But on the 5th month, something amazing happened.  I was having a family trip to Penang.

While checking my email in hotel room, I got notification that I made a sale! I was totally ecstatic.

I can actually earn money while having my holiday!

Two months later I took a break from work and decided to give myself a challenge to write 100 articles within 2 months. No links are built, no Web 2.0s, no blogs, guest posts, nothing. 

Having done nothing after that as I focus on back on my job, my unique visitors continue to increase steadily.

Eventually, the income I am getting from the website is enough to pay for SBI itself. 

Today all my investments made are returned and now my website is earning USD$400 monthly. The ROI is more than 10 times of the cost!

Yeah $400 might not be huge for many people. But imagine how it felt to have a profitable website that has basically nothing done except content writing and only one affiliate. 

I am sure that putting more effort into getting the website out into the search engines and adding more products will increase my earnings exponentially.

The dream of creating money making websites to get out of the cubicle is finally becoming plausible.

I find that huge.   

Why Use Site Build It!?

I attribute much of my success in making a profitable website to SBI!.

Other than my effort in writing contents (of which can definitely be improved on :P ), all I did was followed the steps which SBI! has outlined.

Honestly, I didn't followed through all and yet, I was making money already. 

How powerful was that?

I am excited to find out how my website will do, once I go through Action Guide again and follow through all the steps taught. 

I believe the following features of SBI! are what changed a website from zero traffic to a profitable one.

1) Action Guide

One of the most amazing thing about SBI is that it has an 10 Days Action Guide to teach you how to build a successful online business. It is like a college course in online business. 

The Action Guide contains a group of excellent step-by-step tutorials (available in text, video and audio version) that shows you the blueprint of why and what actions that need to be taken to make a profitable website.

It tells you what you need to do

Once you have mastered it, you can continue to build profitable website with it even if you move on to other hosting platform.

Ken’s philosophy is to both teach people fishing and also give them the fish. 

But be careful not to be overwhelmed by the information as I did before. I recommend going through the core of Action Guide Day 1 to 10 first and check out the additional readings later as you progress through your site building.

Slow and steady win the race.

2) Brainstorm It!

This is a professional grade keyword research tool which I didn’t make full use of in the beginning.

I strongly recommend you to research the most highly profitable keywords in your chosen niche first before building the topics.

My traffic has increased 8x since I started using Brainstorm It! effectively! 

Brainstorm It! helps you to generate keywords related to your interest and identify which are the ones most likely to bring in revenue.

With this data, you can build articles catering to those keywords. It will save you heck lots of time and effort to rank up the search engine pages and build a profitable website. 

The brainstormer tool is equivalent to professional-grade services like Wordtracker that costs over $400 hundred dollars per year but with SBI! it is automatically included.

Of course there are free Wordpress plugins available. But they mostly come with limited functionalities unless you show them the money.

Here's a video on how it works!

3) Block-by-block Site Builder

This is a very important tool to me. It removes all the fear I have on designing a website. I just follow whatever tools and template that are available.

I can just enter my content, place images, assign links, social media badges (like Facebook Like buttons, Google Plus and Twitter) and even include a Pinterest button under any images. 

If I want to add a affiliate banner or google Adsense, I can choose the exact location to place them easily and also make them appear on every single page without the pain of pasting the code over and over again.

If I am not sure how to use certain functions, I can easily access the “how-to” articles for every functions of the page builder (in fact for the whole software) using the “?” icon situated right beside the function title. Talk about user friendly.

It also has an Analyze It function that check on your keyword optimization. Don’t worry if you know nothing about it, the action guide will show you how.

You will learn how to do on-page SEO optimization (such as where to place your keywords and the number of times your keyword should appear), all from the Analyze It function. 

4) Customer Generated Content

In the nutshell, SBI! comes with a Content 2.0 function that allows you to invite your readers to write and submit their own stories.

Of course, you have the power to decide whether to put up the content. 

This means a big deal as search engines such as Google loves contents. Can you Imagine the exponential growth of your site having 10, 50 or even 1000 readers adding information to your website?

Best of all, you don’t even have to write any of these contents (except moderating).. 

In fact, there are SBI! users who have 50% of their traffics (which also means income) coming in from reader generated contents. Some have thousands of content pages due to Content 2.0.

5) Site Analytics

Site analytics basically means information about how visitors are visiting your website.

It contains information such as the most visited pages, daily unique visitors, pageviews, where do the traffics come from (which search engines, keywords, websites or images), and etc.  

Of course, you can use 3rd party service like Google Analytics (which is free and useful) but there is no need to since Site Build It! already comes with such function.

In fact, in my point of view, it is more user friendly. SBI!’s site analytics even allow me to check for all my keywords ranking in just one click.

6) Mail Out Manager

Sending out newsletter is one of the most important lifeline of your Internet business (which I am guilty of not doing it yet).

Sending out newsletter helps to build relationship with your readers and update them on what is going on with your website (new updates and latest products etc). 

Unlike me, SBI! has an amazing newsletter.

Their near weekly newsletter keeps you up to date on the current best practices (such as how to rank well despite Google’s Penguin updates) as well as additions and updates to their "Info HQ" knowledge base.

They keep track what is happening in the world of online business and updates you so that you can focus on building your business only.

7) One Account Dashboard Setting

If you are an avid user of Wordpress or other content management systems, you probably have experienced the trouble of logging into several accounts just to get work done. 

Logging into your content creation account, then Google Analytics, then into keyword research tool like Wordtracker, then newsletter program like Aweber and etc etc etc…

With SBI!, I only have to log in and do all these with everything located in one page. It is that simple.   

8) Unlimited Support From Helpdesk And Forum

I have very positive experiences with SBI!’s helpdesk. So far I had only approached them through emails and they always get back to me within 3 working days.

During the process, one person will be assigned to my case until the inquiry is answered or problem resolved.  

If I am struck in improving my website, I can always refer to the private discussion forums where thousands of members share tips and advice.

There are a lot of enthusiastic members helping each other (Ken himself is a very active participant of more than 9000 posts of his own).

It's an extremely active community with hundreds of thousands of posts. 

Everyone there is either seeking for help and helping out. You will never feel alone in the sea of Internet businesses. 

9) Broken Links Alerts

Broken links are bad, they make readers and Google unhappy when the “Page not found” appears while surfing your site.

Many times, it is not even your fault to begin with. 

The page which you link to may be down due to several reasons such as page being hacked, page name changed or webmaster decided to bring down the page.

It is extremely time consuming for me to periodically comb through my hundred pages of content for broken links.

Thankfully, I do not have to do this as Site Build It! sends an email alert every time they find a non-working link on my site.

All I have to do is to change it.

Another function which I am appreciative of is if I changed the page name (which I have to do a lot now for SEO), SBI automatically updates the pages that are linked to it.

That saves me tons of time.

10) Unchanging Package Price

One thing I learn about SBI is that its price never change. Regardless of how much traffic you will be getting in the future.

Currently there are SBI! users who are getting 20,000 unique visitors monthly and they are still charge $29.90 monthly for it. 

This will not happen for most of the web hosting companies. As your traffic increases (which is guaranteed if you are making money making websites), they will demand you to upgrade your service which can eventually turn out to be $300 monthly.

So in the long run, I am actually getting a cheaper deal.

Getting Started

If you already own a money making website that generates thousands of dollars monthly, Site Build It! may not be necessary for you.

However, if you like to earn an extra passive income stream and you believe that SBI! is a great product, I highly recommend you to join their affiliate program.

SiteSell (SBI! parent company) has one of the most generous commission structures I have ever seen. Not only you get commission for referring customers, you get commission for every affiliates referred as well.

On the other hand, if you are new to the online business (like me), I highly recommend you to use Site Build It! especially if you want to build money making websites on the sideline.

As it can save you heck lot of time learning about the technicalities and internet marketing strategies. 

I encourage you to check out their homepage first.

It is filled with tons for information if you want to research further.

Be sure to check out their 30 minutes video tour as it will clarify everything you need to know about Site Build It!. 

Using real web sites as examples, it explains the details of functions included, how the tools (such as Brainstormer and Form Builder) and monetization strategies work.

I think you'll find it educational even if you have only a minor interest in making money online. 

If you can’t decide on a business idea or wonder whether you are the right kind of person to succeed with their service, try the Finder page.

It’s like the Sorting Hat of the Harry Potter story.

Just click the link on that page that best describes your particular situation or the idea which you will like to explore.

This is a good place to go if you want to quickly decide whether your idea will work with SBI! or not.

In the scenario that you know Site Build It! suits you but you really don’t have time to build anything, check out the SiteSell Services.

They are a team of SBI! experts who will build your SBI website for you.

The perfect solution for those who love having money making websites but just don’t have the time to build them.


“I already have a Wordpress site already and it is going well. However I am interested in the online business course and keyword tool SBI! is offering.”

Great! SBI! is available for WP also! It is a Wordpress plugin that comes with all the tools to help you build successful online business like SBI!.

Decisions Decisions

Ok. It is all good.

You have watched the video tour, seen the results, compared the services and understand the tools that SBI! is providing.

However, you still have a couple of if’s that need to be answer. 

No issue, just ask SiteSell themselves.

They offer free consultations via the phone or email. Shoot them with every question which you have.

If they are not to your satisfactory, move on to find another provider.

No hard feelings.

Finally, whether you decided to use SBI! or not, be sure to check out the free stuffs that SiteSell is offering.

The free ebooks is a must, as they will help you a lot in marketing, writing good copy and improve your local business if you have one


Final Words

I highly recommend that you use SBI! if you want to start building money making websites and generate income online.

It has worked for me who knew nuts about website design or internet marketing. 

A year later when you are seeing passive income coming in every month, you will be very glad that you took action today. Get started now.

All the best to your endeavour on building a successful passive income stream.

You will love it. ^_^ 

Best Wishes,


Full disclosure: Please note that I am an affiliate of SiteSell. At no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to purchase through any of the links on this page.

Please understand that I recommend Solo Build It! as I have used and sincerely believe that it will help you, not because of the small commission I will make if you decided to buy.

Please use the money-back guarantee and get a full refund if you find that Solo Build It! is not suitable for you. Though I will lose that commission, it is totally fine as I do not want you to buy unless you feel that it can help you achieve your goals. 

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