Ms. Savova

by Ellie

I have heard of this exercise from a friend of my father's. When your eyes are tired, close them for about ten minutes in a dark room to let them relax. Then, light a candle so that you can see the singular flame, while in a completely dark room. Set the candle at a distance at which it is difficult for you to focus on the candle flame, but still possible if you squint. This length is like your goal length. You would like to be able to focus your eyes to that length. Now, sit on the ground that far from the candle and watch the candle. Blink regularly and 'try' to focus as much as you can on the candle. This method singles out the source of light and trains your eyes to focus on something specific - the far away candle. Watch the candle for 10 to 15 minutes, the whole time trying to focus your eyes on the light of the candle.

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