my life is over

Lasik ruined my life. I so wish someone would have warned me. I wish i would have seen sites like this. I cant believe they are letting these sociopaths do this to people.If there is a hell, all lasik MD's belong in it. Doctors are suppose to heal people. These so called doctors inflict pain on people. I hope hell awaits them all.

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Dec 05, 2017
So sorry for your complications!
by: Anonymous

Morris Waxler is accumulating victim data to start a class action suit against the Refractory Eye Industry and the FDA. Morris Waxler was on the FDA when Lasik was approved by the FDA and has been a champion to stop this Industry.
Would you consider filling out a questionnaire of your complications to be part of the thousands presented in the class action suit against the Industry and FDA. The goal is to stop this Industry.
Please consider contacting and take the survey to document the complications of your eye surgery. He needs YOUR VOICE

I am a physician and am horrified at what I have learned about these barbaric surgeries and ruined lives.
I am committed to making a difference in every one's lives that have been so shattered from this Industry.
I can never get my child back, but maybe I can keep someone else from burying their child or experiencing these devastations.
There are 11 suicides alone in the USA from this...thousands and thousands of victims.
This Industry is backed by Billions of dollars. I am trying to contact victims, so we can bring about unification against this Industry.

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