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Prevent Stye: How To Avoid These Hated Eye Pimples

Personally, I feel that knowing how to prevent stye (medically known as hordeolum) is as or more important than knowing how to treat style.

That is because eye stye is just plain unbearable.

It is demeaning to both comfort and your good looking face. 

And no matter how good you are at treating hordeolum, it doesn't go off overnight.

2 to 3 days of discomfort and unsightliness is inevitable.

Eye stye is a pimple-like bump that grows on the outer or inner side of your eyelid.

It occurs when the oil glands on your eyelids get clogged and becomes infected. 

Some people are prone to recurrence of eye stye due to personal hygiene, work nature or physiological reasons.

If you are one of them and want to avoid getting it, here are several steps to prevent stye.

Prevent Stye Step 1:
Learn To Relax


A common cause of eye stye is stress.

People often experience an eye stye outbreak when they are under enormous amount of stress.

For example, students often find themselves waking up with eye stye during exam periods.

During times of stress, we are often neglect our very well being.

We don’t sleep enough, we don’t eat well enough, we don’t wash our face properly and we keep rubbing our eyes when they become blurred due to tiredness....

In short, our personal health and hygiene are at rock bottom.

This causes our immune system to be vulnerable and we become more susceptible to infections that might cause eye stye.

There are also researchers who claim that when under stress, our body excrete certain chemicals and hormones that play a role in stye development.

The problem is that in life, stress is unavoidable.

In fact, certain amount of stress is actually good for propelling us to move forward.

Therefore, instead of avoiding them, we need to learn how to handle them positively and find ways to reduce stress. 

Find an activity that you can release stress such as taking up yoga, exercising, playing computer games, watching comedy, going for a walk, having sex, dance wildy, shouting in the karaoke room and playing with your pet. 

Also strive to decrease negative reactions to stress.

In many episodes of our life, we can’t choose what’s going to happen, but we have the infinite power to choose our reactions towards them.

Prevent Stye Step 2:
Practice Good Eyelid Hygiene

Eye stye occurs when clogged glands become infected.

Therefore stye prevention begins by avoiding the clog from happening in the first place. 

Firstly, clean your face more frequently and wash your hand regularly.

While cleaning your face, gently wash and massage your eyelids to remove excess debris that are hanging around.

You can even do eyelid scrub for your pet

Secondly, schedule weekly or even daily eyelid scrubs.

This is especially important if you are prone to blepharitis, an infective eyelid disease that causes inflammation.

Soak a clean washcloth or cotton ball in warm water.

Apply some baby shampoo to the warm washcloth/cotton ball and gently scrub your eyelids.

This action cleans the eyelids and helps to reduce or eliminate bacteria that cause blepharitis. 

If you prefer convenient and don’t mind the cost, pre-packaged disposable eyelid wipes are easily available in stores.

Lastly, if you wear eye makeup, don’t forget to remove them at the end of the day.

Try not to fall asleep with makeup on as the residue in the cosmetics can easily clog the glands of eyelids. 

Remember to throw away any old or expired eye makeup.

Prevent Stye Step 3:
Avoid Touching Your Eyes With Your Hand

Don't touch!

Many eye infections happen because we touch our eyes with our hands.

Our hands hold their own colony of microorganisms and some of them are infectious (such as bacteria).

And the population increases the moment you touch something new such as Iphone, keyboard, dollar note....

Some people imply that you can touch your eyes after washing your hands.

However, washing itself doesn’t necessary make your hands clean of infection. Therefore, I recommend not touching your eyes with your bare hands under whatever circumstances. 

If there is no other choices, at least do a thorough washing and disinfect your hand with alcohol.

Prevent Stye Step 4:
Warm Compress First

Pain and redness around a small area of your eyelid can be an early indication of hordeolum.

Egg can help

If you are suspecting that it is hordeolum, frequent application of warm compresses at the early stages will speed up recovery and halt its development by preventing further blockage of the lid glands.

Get a clean washcloth (we recommend microfiber for its absorbance) which is soaked in very warm water (not hot!) and apply a warm compress to the suspected area of infection. Re-soak the washcloth in the warm water again after it is cool.

If you find re-soaking too troublesome, use a hard boiled egg instead. Egg shell can retain heat much longer.

Do this up to 4 times a day (more if possible), for 5 to 10 minutes.

Prevent Stye Step 5:
Do Not Share Eye Related Items

Never share anything that is related to your eyes or you can get eye and eyelid infections from others. 

Eye makeups, cosmetic eye tools (such as lash curlers or eyelash combs), contact lenses, cosmetic lenses or contact lens solutions are all prohibited for sharing.

Not sharing doesn't make you a selfish person and we are talking about serious consequences here.

If you are lucky, you get a stye or pink eye. If not, you may get eye diseases that are devastating to your vision such as corneal ulcer.

Prevent Stye Step 6:
Keeping Eye Tools Clean

Clean and disinfect contact lenses thoroughly in the approved solution and wash your hands before handling them. 

Actually I highly recommend you not to use contact lenses at all considering the dangers of contact lenses

Do you know that contact lenses are originally termed as medical devices?

So unless for medical purposes and special conditions such as keratoconus, keep contact lenses away from your eyes.

This ends my stye prevention list. Hope that it helps.

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