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Treatment For Color Blindness And How To Cope With It

There is currently no effective treatment for color blindness

That is because most cases of color vision deficiency are caused by some corrupted chromosomes and involve no actual eye disease or irregularity in your eyes. 

Unless the color vision problem is related to the use of certain medicines or medical diseases that can be helped with other therapies.

For example, if the cause of color vision loss is due to cataracts, a cataract surgery will be able to rectify the issue.  

Otherwise treatment for color blindness is very limited.

Speciality Glasses

Colored Lenses

Some people use specialty glasses and contact lenses for color correcting.

They fit one gas permeable contact lens that is tinted deep red in color, usually on the non dominant eye.

Using this method, the you will be able to pick out some colors which you are unable to see before.

However, you will also miss out colors which you can originally see. 

Keep in mind that specialty lens are still experimental and they are sometimes costly.

Beware of ‘programs’ which claim to improve color vision. They are most likely to be fake.

There has been news that vitamins A can aid color blindness. Although there is no definitive studies on vitamins A and color deficiency, it is always important to be sure that the cones are well supplied with this important vitamin.

And do you know that a cyborg actually exist in our modern world? 

Neil Harbisson was a total colorblind (black and white) until he had a surgical implant, installing a camera-like device called ‘eyeborg’ in front of his forehead.

This camera is capable of transforming color information into sounds making it possible for him to perceive colors. 

Cool isn't it?

Ahh, but don’t rush into getting one installed now. This treatment for color blindness is still in a very early test stage.  

Let's not rush.

Coping With Color Blindness

Yes You Can!

Since there are no effective treatments available and it isn't end of the world yet, we have to find ways to work around our colorblind issue. 

Number one thing you should do is to ask for help. Throw all those seek-help-equal-useless bullshit away.  

There is nothing to be ashamed of in seeking assistance.

Choosing the right clothes for a job interview or an important date and choosing matching colors for home decor are all critical choices which you can’t make a single mistake. 

Imagine going in bright pink top and green pants as a guy for interview. How impressionable is that.

Secondly, learn to look for cues like brightness, location and orders instead of colors. For example, colorblinded individuals (like my uncle) can drive safely by memorizing that red is the top color and green is bottom color.

Thirdly, consider labeling colored items that may need to match other items.

Ask someone who has good color vision to help you sort and label your clothing with the proper colors.

Ask them to suggest (usually ladies are better at it) which colors go well with others and put them near each other. 

My lazy solution is that the contents in my wardrobe are mainly black and white so that there is no way they don’t match.

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